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Epoxy Painting and Chemical Resistant Lining Works
We are one of the best service provider for the Epoxy Painting and Chemical Resistant Lining Works to make your flooring and other cementitious structures resistant to scratches and abrasion due to the movement of heavy machines and trolley over them.
PPG Lining
PPG Lining are chemical and thermal resistant layering that are made up of top quality materials which helps to increase the strength, durability and surface quality to make them capable to withstand high impact forces and attacks of corrosive attacks.
Coal Tar Epoxy Coating
Coal Tar Epoxy Coating are high quality surface protection polymers that are manufactured by using epoxy resins and asphaltic tar by blending them helps to make a fine mixture that helps to prevent extremely corrosive environments.
Bituminous Coating
Bituminous Coating are highly viscous materials that are manufactured by using petrochemical solvents that are used to provide a fine protective layer over the building structures to protect them from vapours, moisture and impacts of water to increase the strength and rigidity.
Acid Resistant Tile Lining
Acid Resistant Tile Lining are thick protective layers that are made up by using best quality and highly rigid construction units that are manufactured by using cement and various other additives that make them highly resistant against the corrosive chemicals.
Chemical Resistant Monolithic Coating
Chemical Resistant Monolithic Coating are fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membranes that are highly elastomeric in nature that allows them to stretch and make them capable to resist the impacts of the chemical and environmental attacks to protect the floors and roofs.
Power Plant Acid Proof Tile Lining Services
Our company offers Power Plant Acid Proof Tile Lining Services to reinforce the floors of the industries and factories to make them capable to withstand impacts corrosive nature of acids and bases.
Wall Coating
Wall Coating manufactured and supplied by our company are used to protect your walls by filling the pores and providing and extra layer over the structure to prevent the insertion of water and moisture into them which results in high strength and rigidity.
False Ceilings are the prefabricated solutions that are used for thermal insulation and helps for the better optimization of air conditioning. These works by filling the gap in between the two layers of ceilings to lower the temperature of the room.